Our Mission

Data-Agile. is a diverse, full service business performance consulting firm. We specialize in the delivery of high impact, cost effective, custom data solutions designed to improve business performance, promote profitability and ensure measurable results. Our mission is simple, we "Create Business Agility Thru Data Management". Our functional practices allows us to engage our clients from concept to completion as we assess, identify, prepare and implement value added solutions in the specific disciplines of Data Management, Data Analytics, Data Visualization & Custom Application Development. Data-Agile places a high value on execution excellence. With over 95 years of combined expertise, we have the resources and tools to ensure performance improvements and cost reductions of up to 50% for our clients, resulting in greater business agility and performance.

Data-Agile works with industry leaders to provide innovative solutions in multiple industries in the areas of cost saving measures, comprehensive data management strategies and innovative technology management. As a certified Microsoft Partner, Data-Agile has an vast array of resources to address virtually all aspects of an organization's data requirements. For additional information contact info@dataagile.com. Data-Agile has recently expanded nationally with a presence in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, California and globally with a presence in China and India, allowing us to excel in Global Data Management and Global Resource Management. We can provide our solutions onsite, offsite or offshore. These solutions reduce operating costs, minimizes risks and increases business reliability. For additional info, contact us at info@dataagile.com


Our Leaders

O. Toni Randle

Principal in charge of Operations & Business Development

S Pedagandham

Principal in charge of Execution & Service/Product Delivery

Frank Perry

Principal in charge of Strategy & Business Development

tracy markey

Princiapl in charge of Administration & Corporate Compliance

Our Purpose


Data-Agile believes in improving business performance through time tested and proven data solutions designed to streamline operations, reduce costs, time, and risks while increasing quality, value and profitability for competitive organizations interested in improved business performance.


Data-Agile believes in the AGILE method of engagement, which allows for greater collaboration, promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and better production, while encouraging rapid and flexible responses to change.


Data-Agile's 4 primary Principals have a combined 95 years of experience working with organizations that range in size and scope from $10 Million USD to $150 Billion USD, providing high-impact, value-added solutions for organizations that have been benefitted measurably from our engagement.


Data-Agile works with a global team of developers to create new and innovative ways to maximize our client engagement, from proprietary dashboard development processes, to data extraction tools, to streaming data solutions and processes like "Intelligencia", all to the benefit of our clients.


Data-Agile believes firmly in collaboration and this is embedded in our corporate culture and lends itself to competitive collaboration, resource collaboration, co-innovation, partnerships and most importantly, client collaboration, where we work closely with our clients for greater execution results.


Data-Agile is a Business Performance organization that utilizes expertise in Data Management to improve our client's operations, while minimizing the cost of doing business for greater profitability and better market share. We pride ourselves in our methodologies and performance excellence.