15 JanUARY, 2019

data agile updates

Data-Agile launches DATABOTICS, a fully scalable, proprietary process and data management portal that allow clients to import data from multiple data sources into a single data lake that is able to be displayed in a visual-metrics format with a real time refresh rate. This process/service helps to streamline IOT, Telematics, AI and Visual Metrics implementation and support.

09 JUNE, 2019

data agile updates

Data-Agile expands its Business Intelligence practice golobally, with additional BI Support to allow clients in various industries to create a more functional Business Intelligence platforms for better market strategies, production & supply chain insight. This allows Data-Agile to provide enterprise level BI Solutions and Support for global organizations in the industries of our expertise.


06 JAN, 2019


Data-Agile combines with a development team to create DATABOTICS, a rapid, fluid data extraction and visualization tool that serves to allow for the rapid deployment of visual metrics that perform in real time.

15 JUN, 2019


Data-Agile meets manufacturing industry leaders to discuss DATABOTICS to help those organizations increase business performance through the optimization and streamlining of visual metrics

17 OCT, 2019


Data-Agile to meet with leaders of the Healtcare Industry to discuss healthcare analytics and ways in which to provide algorithmns that will helps those companies perform predictive analysis.